Spring Race Season is just around the corner!

In our the January update (read here) we kicked off 2020 by re-welcoming everyone to the platform and outlined why we do what we do as well as hinted at a few of the things that we had coming soon. This month though, we’re not just giving hints but actually providing you with a preview of what’s soon to come to Athlinks.

The big story since has been a refocus on our athletes and the timeliness of our results turnaround. We doubled down on our amazing support team and the results speak for themselves — in just over a month, the team has chewed through nearly 2,000 requests (several months worth!) and are now back to a 24-48 hour turnaround time. We apologize for these past delays, appreciate your patience, and promise to keep the queue times short from here on out. Way to go team!

We would also like to introduce you to our upcoming Athlete Race Pages
Preview the new ARP!
Athlete Race Pages is the next step in our progress towards providing an engaging results experience. Here are some of the positive changes that will accompany this new feature:

– We are increasing our focus on real time data by working directly with Registration and Results platforms. Last year, we hosted 5 million Live Results, but those Results weren’t shareable before or leading up to race day.

– By working directly with registration systems, we are able to immediately display registrations as they occur so your followers and spectators can join in on the fun by following your progress or registering.

– Athlete Race Pages will automatically be created if the registration provider for your race has connected their platform to Athlinks. Ask your Event Director about Athlinks.

As usual a big thank you to all of our members and a reminder to please follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook . It’s a great way to give and get feedback from all of you.

Happy Racing!  
Troy Busot 
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Athlinks January Insights 

New Events Added 4,504
New Courses 12.444
New Results 3,378,942 (343,508 Live)
Average participants per Event 750
Average Participants per Course 271

Top 10 January Results Locations

1 California US 170,152
2 Florida US 159,199
3 Texas US 115,071
4 Georgia US 107,954
5 New York US 82,485
6 Yaroslav Russia 72,480
7 Arizona US 70,889
8 North Carolina US 69,284
9 Moscow Russia 59,900
10 Noord-Holland Netherlands 53,016


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