Make your race more meaningful through the connections you make on Athlinks.

Endurance sports are oftentimes solo endeavors, but let’s face it—you never really go it alone. Your family, friends, and fellow athletes are a huge part of the experience; tackling race goals wouldn’t be half as fun and rewarding without them.

We want to be sure you get the most from your race experience, which is why we’ve integrated several tools for social connection into and the Athlinks app for iOS and Android.

New Feature: Friends’ Upcoming Events!

Now, on both the website and mobile app, when athletes that you follow are on the Start List for an upcoming event, it will show on the main page of your own profile! It’s easier than ever to know what your connections are up to and make sure you don’t miss a thing. Here’s how this new feature will appear on your Athlinks profile:

Your Athlinks membership offers even more ways to enhance the way you connect with others around endurance events. Athlinks lets you:

  • Share your athletic dreams and accomplishments
  • Connect with other athletes with similar goals and passions
  • Encourage your friends in preparing for and achieving their goals
  • Keep a close eye on your race rivals
  • And more!

Race results, photos, and videos are meant to be shared, which is why Athlinks allows you to post yours directly to Facebook—and watch the likes and comments roll in. You can also share event pages from races you’re considering or have registered for, and add yourself to event start lists with your goal times and comments. Sharing your goals and accomplishments is a great way to engage with other athletes around the world, and inspire friends to join you on your next start line.

No one understands the pure joy and painful struggles of endurance sports quite like other athletes, and we’re all about encouraging connections to amplify your experience. We help you build your Athlinks friends list by suggesting members you may know under the “Following” tab on your profile. You’ll be able to easily keep up with the friends you follow and their upcoming events and recent finishes. You can even filter event results to see only those athletes, rather than the entire results database, and add cheers and comments to their results.

We also automatically build your “Rivals” list from the athletes you’re following and compete against most often—fueling the fire in your friendly rivalries. You can keep close tabs on your rivals’ results, issue competitive challenges, and use their accomplishments to inspire your training and add extra motivational oomph to chasing your next PR.

Plus, to enhance these awesome features even further, you have access to the new and improved Athlinks app for iOS and Android. With your Athlinks profile in your pocket, you can now claim past results, compare stats with friends and rivals, and plan your next event—all on the go.

So get busy making connections on The tools to connect are built into your membership, letting you take your race experience to new levels of shared pleasure, pain, inspiration, and fun!



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