Keep your race experience alive. Celebrate what you’ve achieved, with help from Athlinks.

Do you start thinking about the story of your race before you even cross the finish line? Does your narrative build through the inevitable ups and downs, the moments of pain and invincibility that are inherent in endurance events? If so, you’re not alone; and there’s a reason for this. An endurance event, by definition, is an experience you endure. And invariably—whether you win the title, place solidly mid-pack, or cross the line as the final inspirational finisher—you have something to celebrate and a story that you’re eager to share when you reach the end.

As an Athlinks member, you have a ready-made platform to get the word out about your experience and celebrate your accomplishment—through results, comments, photos, and videos—when the suffering ends. We’ve been working hard to enhance all that has to offer, and we want to be sure you’re up to speed on the many ways we can help extend your race experience beyond the finish line. With Athlinks, you can:

  • Create an easy-access, lasting archive of your results
  • Celebrate your achievements and specific progress
  • Share your race results, photos, and videos far and wide
  • Help celebrate the accomplishments of others
  • Access all this and more, right at your fingertips, with the Athlinks app (available for download on iOS and Android)

That’s right—in addition to our extensive event results database and detailed statistics, we offer a number of ways to whoop up the excitement around your event. Athlinks allows you to quickly and easily share your results (and for many events, your photos and videos) to Facebook.

For many events, the moment you cross the finish line, your results will be right in your pocket—and ready to claim and share—with the Athlinks app.

Your friends can follow you, and you can keep track of the results earned by your training partners and rivals; we’ve even created a place to comment and cheer on anyone’s result.

And anyone can filter results to see only the athletes they follow, rather than searching through thousands of other finishers.

Athlinks is evolving into a social hub that’s about much more than finish times—although we sure do love race results, and we obsess about them just as much as you! Now, with Athlinks, you can own, honor, and share those results, plus all the wild, crazy, painful, powerful, wonderful moments along the way. Because when the gun goes off or the cannon fires to start your race, it signals the start of something epic—something that’s meant to be shared and revered and celebrated, long after race day is done.


Ready. Set. Go explore!



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