Spring is in the air. That means two things, race season has really kicked into gear and, obviously, love is in the air. We figure if you’re going to run a race, why not run it with that special someone? However, if you’re still in the market, don’t worry, hare are some great runs for those of you who are looking for love.

Adam and Eve Half Marathon and 8K

If you’re looking to start that search for a significant other; look no further than the Adam and Eve Half Marathon and 8K. Runners are encouraged to flaunt their relationship status via colors on the race bibs. Sport a green bib if you’re single, red for in a relationship, and yellow if it’s complicated. Now when you’re running next to that cutie, you know right away whether you should strike up a conversation. Already in a relationship with runner? The race has 3 couple categories to compete in, with prizes for the top in each. With a great after party and beautiful course, this social race might land you a date… or at least some future running partners.

Love Me Run

If approaching random people while running isn’t your thing, this next event has you covered. The Love Me Run in San Diego selects a running partner for you. You won’t know who your match is until the moment you begin running (there’s a great curtain like reveal), when you’re paired up by the event’s Love Me Leaders based on similarity factors. Run alongside your date and get to know them and with a speed walking/talking zone there’s no need to worry about running out of breath. If you don’t hit it off with your date, don’t worry! The one kilometer course is repeated five times, giving you five different matches and a good chance at finding someone who sparks you interest.

Color Run

Looking for love can be a bit daunting, so why not brighten it up? Welcome to the Color Run where the party is going on before, during, and after the race! Start this 5K with social events including an inflatable obstacle course, then get running! The race is its own party where you’ll be covered with neon color powder and music pumping all along the course. Keep the party going after you cross the finish line with a huge festival consisting of music, food, and carnival attractions! You can choose between the day or night run, and costumes are encouraged. This wild race is a great place to mingle and find people who enjoy running and a good party.

looking for love


Spartan Race

This next one isn’t your casual dinner and a movie kind of situation. Whether you’re attempting the obstacles for the first time or could jump the fire pit in your sleep, Spartan Races areLooking for Love a great place to meet other endurance athletes with the same passion for extreme challenges. With races all over the country, there are plenty of opportunities to compete and mingle! Competitors choose from two different levels of difficulty; the Sprint, a 3-5 mile course that has up to 23 obstacles and the Super, an 8-10 mile course with up to 29 obstacles. Be sure to register early, because this popular race fills up fast! If you’re looking to find that rugged and tough spouse who doesn’t mind a challenge, the Spartan race is worth checking out.

New Orleans Red Dress Run

Take a trip down to the French Quarters for this quirky summer run. What’s a better way to spend an afternoon than running down the streets of New Orleans in a red dress (yes, even if you’re a man) with 600-plus other people? You’ll find people wearing more than just the simple little red dress…

In fact, the crazier the costume the better! Runners say your costume ought to reflect part of your personality, making for a great conversation starter. After the run, stay for the “great food, great bands, and more beer than you can imagine”! Your inner philanthropist will feel good about this race as well, with the proceeds go to over a hundred local Louisiana charities. This race has everything singles could ever want, making it an easy pick for our list.

What do you think? Have you ever met a significant other at a race or event? Did we miss any of your favorites? Share the love in the comments!

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