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Our Favorite Races in Colorado

Truth time, we're a little biased when it comes to Colorado races. We live, work, and race here, and we love it. The people...

Q & A with Amelia Boone, OCR Champion

To celebrate women in sports this month, we sat down with one of the biggest names in endurance racing: Amelia Boone. In the 6 years...

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Time to Keep Moving Forward with MAGDA BOULET

Through our partnership with HOKA ONE ONE, we are excited to bring you this conversation with Magda Boulet. Be sure to also...

DEKAFIT Kickoff with Spartan’s Joe Desena

Joe Desena (Spartan/DEKAFIT) and Troy Busot (Athlinks) discuss a new indoor timed race format featuring 5K of running and 10 functional exercises.

Introducing: Athlinks Rosters

By popular request, we’re extremely excited to announce a brand new feature of Athlinks called Rosters! Previously, Athlinks supported...

Return of Racing

Races are happening. Outside. Holy cow are we excited. In the US, we’ve seen in-person races return across the...

Summer of Virtual Racing

While in-person racing is still up in the air, it doesn’t mean you can’t be racking up Athlinks results, thanks to some...