We here at Athlinks get pitched on new Kickstarter projects for endurance athletes every day. But here’s one we thought the tech-lovers, gamers and home workout enthusiasts out there really might love — a core training system that integrates video gaming into your workout.


I think we can all agree that core workouts are the least exciting part of the day, so the Stealth system integrates interactive game-play into your session, kind of like a next-level FitBit for your abs. Using the Stealth App on a mobile device, users can “game their core” by twisting, holding planks and racking up a score while working all 29 abdominal muscles. Games last three minutes each and no two games/workouts are the same, according to the brand.


Inventors Howie Panes and Don Brown have created trend-leading workouts since the 1990’s. Don Brown is best known for the famous Ab Roller, a simple home crunch machine that sold millions of units across the world. Panes is the inventor of the NRG ball — a medicine ball with patented interlocking handles that earned the #1 rated Sports Conditioning System by ESPN Magazine. Both are passionate about fitness and helping people improve their workouts. 

Kickstarter backers will receive Stealth for $100 MSRP.

Other features of the Stealth Training System include:

Game against others or on your own

–Comfortable arm rest while planking

–Secure mobile device cavity

–Patent-pending 360° rotation

–Portable planking platform can be stashed anywhere


  1. This looks interesting.
    Are there games involved/included?

    I think this could work really well with surfing games – which tend to be a bit dull from all accounts. This gadget could liven them up…


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