When the snow and ice arrive, and oh they will surely come, you don’t want your training to stop dead in its tracks. No need for that.

One of the most time-tested ways to continue your training season through winter is by employing one of a number of awesome traction devices to the bottom of your running shoes. These devices are basically crampons for everyday recreationalists, from runners and hikers like you, to postal workers and even your mom heading out on an icy driveway for the newspaper.

These bottom-dwelling slip-on devices also keep you training outdoors, where you want to be, not inside like some gerbil on a treadmill.

One of the most familiar names in traction devices, Yaktrax, is now introducing one of the first innovations in the space in years. With an ingredient partner you may already be familiar with on some of your footwear, Yaktrax is now introducing Boa Technology into the traction device world.

The Summit is Yaktrax most advanced traction device ever, engineered for winter travel of all types. By partnering with Boa Technology (Denver-based innovators of purpose-built closure and adjustment systems) Yaktrax is able to keep the Summit light while adding durability and performance, yet it remains easily packable.

The Yaktrax Summit features durable, 3/8th inch triangular carbon steel spikes that bite into winter terrain such as icy boardwalks and packed powder running paths. Flexible sole plates shed snow and ice for traction even in humid, sticky conditions.


The Boa Closure System, with its aircraft-grade stainless steel lacing, gives Summit runners a customized, infinitely adjustable, comfortable, secure fit, weighing in at only 17 ounces (MSRP: $90).

“Our existing lineup provides a range of traction devices for commuting, hiking and running in the snow and ice. The Summit is a huge step forward for us, giving outdoor enthusiasts a device that opens up access to new environments, both on the trail and off,” said Yaktrax VP Steve Couder. “By incorporating Boa’s advanced system, we give our users one of the best traction devices this side of crampons, which are excessive for all but the most extreme conditions.”

Designed to address the long list of deficiencies in traditional footwear closure systems, Boa helps make the Summit light and easy to use with a steel lace, nylon guides, and a mechanical reel. The result is a closure system that provides a custom, comfortable, and secure fit with the simple turn of a dial.

Within their respective categories, Yaktrax and Boa are synonymous with innovation and performance.


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