It’s going to be hot all over the country in a month or two (and even hotter out here in Phoenix, AZ), and for many it’s when we start training for our fall half/full marathons or half/full Ironmans. And although it’s nice to lose the hat, gloves and tights from our winter running, we all still need to be very vigilant when outside on our runs (especially our weekend long run). So here is a quick list of things and/or items you should be aware of when doing your summer training:

1. Get out early if possible

I know out here in Phoenix this is the best time to run. Many running and triathlon groups out here in Arizona do their summer training as early as 4 a.m. on the weekends for our long run/ride. If you are going to run/ride before the sun gets out, I would just HIGHLY suggest to run/ride with a partner or a group– one can never be too safe.

2. Run or ride in a shady area

I know out here in Arizona, this is virtually impossible, but for others around the country, I know there are a myriad of trails to jump on and get a good run in or find some roadways that are tree lined a bit better than others.

3. Bring water

Wear a fuel/water belt or have water/sports drink on your cycle.Especially on those runs over 30-40 minutes or rides over an hour. This should be an essential item on your person. You don’t want to get caught on the road/trails without water.

4. Have rest areas on your route

No Fuel belt (then buy one soon!), then make sure you run/ride a route where you know you have access to a water fountain at least. I would suggest doing a shorter loop run/ride with a water fountain on the course, which you can go around few times in order to get more miles in.

5. Sports drink

On really long runs/rides (over an hour) don’t just have water in your fuel belt/water bottle, but have some sorts of sports drink on you as well. You’ll need to replenish your electrolytes if you’re out on the roads/trails for a considerable amount of time – water just won’t cut it!

6. Wear sun block

Sure there may be a nice breeze, you can squirt water over your head every mile or so, but that doesn’t stop the UV rays from damaging your skin if you can’t find a shady place to run/ride. So if you’re going for a run/ride let’s lather up like we’re at the beach.

7. A cap and sunglasses

On a hot sunny day a cap and sunglassesare a great compliment when running/riding. I go for just the cap pulled down low to keep the sun out because I’m not a big fan of wearing sunglasses on a run. But sunglasses allow you not to squint or cause any potential eye damage when logging in those long miles on the roads.

8. Run/ride in the evening

Again, like the early morning run/ride, make sure you are safe and try to run/ride with a partner or group. Usually, it’s cooler in the evening to run then most other parts of the day. But again, this may or may not be possible for you depending on your schedule. Also, make sure you are lit up like a Christmas tree if you are running/riding at night. Make sure people can see you (and your bike) as you run/ride along your way.

So those are some quick pointer to getting through the summer heat and logging in those miles for your fall marathons. Enjoy the sun this summer…just be smart about it.



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