Do You Have Time for a Coach?

I have coached individuals who have hired me to put together a program for them and I have either sat down with them for 30-45 minutes in person or discussed over the phone their goals, and then I go back to my home and put together a plan…

Do You Have Time?

Here’s the problem – one needs to communicate with his/her coach what he really wants out of his endurance training in order to get the most out of a program. I would argue that if you don’t have time to actually see your coach at least a couple times a month (at minimum) then it’s not worth paying hundreds of dollars for a personalized program. If your time is so limited that you can’t find 4-6 hours in a month to either train or go over with your coach what is occurring in your training, then again, I would simply go to Runner’s World and look for a plan to follow for you next race.

Share What’s Going On

Bottom line, it simply comes down to clear communication. How do you think a coach is going to be able to know if a program is working for you or not, if you never share your progress with him/her? Simply saying “everything is okay” or not replying to an email where your coach asks if the training is going well for you, will most likely lead to injury, over training, or under training on your part.

I feel bad when clients don’t reach their goals, but if they tell me the week before their big race that their endurance training kicked their butt and they are dragging, it’s too late for me to remedy…

So, while it’s great to get a personal trainer or coach, don’t get one if you don’t have the time to really get out of it the time and money you are investing.



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