Races are happening. Outside. Holy cow are we excited.

In the US, we’ve seen in-person races return across the country in places like Southern Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Connecticut, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Delaware and are eager to see where racing returns next!

We spoke with some race organizers and wanted to share what a return to racing in-person has looked like for them, and advice they had for us as athletes.

Most importantly, read the race emails and websites! Organizers are as excited to get back to racing as you are and put a lot of effort into ensuring that it’s a safe environment and you the racer are well informed. So be sure to read what they have put out there and take whatever they put out there as law 🙂

Showing up informed is step one in ensuring there are no race day surprises. But what does race day look like? Here are the trends:

  • No on-site registration. In order to keep race day running smoothly & safely, most organizers have done away with this option for last-minute racers, so be sure to register ahead of time!
  • Be prepared to be self-sufficient. Bring your own water, nutrition for on course, and pre- and post- race fuel.
  • Have a mask. While some regions are specific on exactly what style of mask you need to wear and if it has to be worn while on course, be sure to at least have one with you for pre- and post- race.
  • Pay attention to start time. Many races that previously had a single start time are now implementing waves or rolling starts, so read whatever your organizers send you to know when you should show up.
  • Don’t expect to hang around before or after. We know you’re excited to be back amongst your racing peers, but following organizers guidance keeps the next race on the calendar.
  • Keep distance. Obey any staging lines/markings at start lines to keep space between athletes. On course, unless you’re passing, keep your distance from others. And if you’re racing with others in your bubble, make sure there’s enough room for others to pass safely.
  • If you’re feeling sick, stay home.
  • THANK YOUR RACE ORGANIZERS. Always, but now more than ever. Whether in-person or a post-race email, your appreciation of efforts goes a long way to keeping them excited to put on more races.

We have been so impressed with the adaptability our industry has shown over the past 6 months and are thrilled to see that translate into our favorite weekend traditions returning.
And if in-person racing hasn’t returned to your region, or is not quite your cup of tea yet, keep those Virtual Race results coming!


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