While it might seem tough right now, people are still encouraged to get outside and be active. Here’s some quick hit suggestions for what to do to keep up with the recommended 4-days of activity per week.

Virtual Races

While your A-Race for the spring may have been canceled or postponed, many are converting to virtual races! Having a race on the horizon, even if it’s self-timed, can be a great motivator for getting off the couch and keeping active.

Life Time On Demand Classes

While the clubs are closed, Life Time has been putting some of their most popular group fitness classes online and on demand, including cardio, strength, yoga and cycle. These classes are free, whether you’re a member or not, so be sure to check them out — including their family classes!


Leave gravity behind while working (out) from home this spring with our new Vent Running Collection for both Men and Women. Lightweight and well ventilated with moisture wicking fibers makes this a welcome addition to anyone’s gym bag.

Be sure to check out the Vent collection for Men and Women and use the exclusive code LTF15 for 15% off a one-time purchase of full price products.

Household items as weights

Whether your new to weight workouts, or just didn’t stock up on kettlebells, here are some great suggestions for things around the house that can be used as a weight (and we love the bonus suggestions in the comments too!)

HOKA ONE ONE Athlete Tips

Check in on HOKA athletes for how they are continuing to workout and hit their stride — whether it’s Running Through Uncertain Times with Pete Kostelnick, seeing how Magda Boulet fits in an at-home workout, or the risks of core workouts with Mike Wardian (warning: puppy content).

Effective At Home Workouts

NYU Langone Health, our Official Partner of Life Time and Official Healthcare and Medical Provider of NYC Triathlon, have put together a great list of home strength workouts you can do, with lots of options for however you like to break a sweat.


There are 1,000,001 ways to do yoga classes online. This is just a reminder to find one, take a deep breath, and flow.

Get Sleep with cbdMD

Good sleep can be hard to come by, but luckily cbdMD has a full line of PM products made with the calming power of CBD and the natural knockout punch of melatonin so with just a couple of drops or a capsule or two, you’ll be out like a light. You’re working hard every day to be better, stronger, and faster, and you’re crushing it. Let cbdMD help you wake up feeling ready to face whatever challenges are next. 

After a hard day of training, come home to CBD PM tincture for sleep or our new CBD PM Softgels. With cbdMD, get the rest you truly deserve and discover what we mean by superior CBD. 

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