So youve completed the Commitment Day 5K, now what?

The post New Year’s blues are no imaginary struggle. With the holiday season officially over, the decorations that remain up are only a reminder of fleeting festivities, days resume normal routines of work and school, and the winter months still stretch ahead. Perhaps your initial enthusiasm for your New Year’s commitments to a healthy way of life are waning and understandably so; it may feel like a large coffee and the candy hiding in the bottom drawer of your desk are the only things that will get you to the end of the day, or just barely enough to get you to the couch with your feet up and your favorite show on TV by nightfall. It makes sense, but enough is enough. This year will be different.

It is no easy feat to commit to participate in the Commitment Day 5K on New Year’s Day; running or walking a 5K after celebrating late into the night may seem like an impossible undertaking, but you’ve done it anyway. And three weeks into the new year, you can take on another challenge for yourself with the Life Time Indoor Triathlon on January 21, 2018 to kick the post New Year’s blues once and for all. If the jump from a 5K to a time-based triathlon (bike, run, swim) in a mere three weeks sounds daunting, fear not—the Indoor Triathlon is specifically designed to accommodate athletes of all fitness levels and abilities. In fact, more than 6,000 athletes competed in 2017 and half of those participating had zero previous experience. Art Johnson, Life Time’s Senior Manager of Events and Sponsorships says of the event, “Triathlon events are both an incredible entry to, and the ultimate model of, a healthy way of life. The ability to move dynamically in three totally different areas of fitness allows us to lead long, healthy lives. Our Indoor Triathlon is a safe and simulated environment in which participants of all levels, histories, and fitness goals can experience these benefits and be inspired to try more events in our outdoor Life Time Tri Series.”

Here’s how it works: the Indoor Triathlon lasts 75 minutes: 10 minutes in the pool, a 10-minute transition, 30 minutes on a spin bike, a 5-minute transition and 20 minutes on a treadmill. Scores are based on time rather than distance,  meaning you receive points for going further in a specific period of time, not going faster over a fixed distance. In other words, you and only you get to determine how much ground you can or want to cover during each portion of the event. If you are new to swimming, but a long-time cyclist, you can take the 10 minutes in the pool as slow as you want, then go for it on the bike! Transition times are fixed between events and do not count toward participants’ scores and are planned to allow safe progression to the next discipline. Another perk? Headphones are allowed, which means you can play your favorite pump-up song all 75 minutes, if you should choose.

The Indoor Triathlon is truly meant for all levels. Susanna Henney, a 55-year-old member based in Colorado, has competed in both outdoor sprint triathlon events and the Indoor Tri after losing her left leg as the sole survivor of a plane crash seven years ago. She took water aerobics classes at Life Time during her rehabilitation, giving her the strength to walk again and eventually compete in triathlons. Braeden McKinley, also of Colorado, participated in her first Indoor Tri at the age of eight  and has completed three more since then. Harriet Kriegel of Atlanta learned to swim as an adult and completed her first Indoor Triathlon in 2017. There have been members who take on the Indoor Triathlon during weight loss journeys, members who overcome illness or loss and participate to celebrate their strength, families that compete together to model healthy living, and individuals looking for a new challenge.

Nelson Mandela said,“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Committing to your health and wellness most likely seemed impossible at some point, too, but you didn’t let the challenge stop you. The Indoor Triathlon is physically demanding, no doubt, but it’s certainly not impossible. Come and try it for yourself in one of more than 40 locations this year. Regardless of history, athleticism or goals, the Life Time Tri team is here to support your journey and celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

The Life Time Indoor Triathlon is happening in more than 40 clubs. The cost to participate is $30 and all participants will receive and Indoor Tri water bottle, a swim cap, race bib, a $10 coupon for 2018 Life Time Tri events and special offers for Life Time Endurance Training and club membership. Your results will be tracked by Athlinks, where you can discover new events and races to challenge yourself through the Athlinks website or mobile app. For more information and to register visit,



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