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Congratulations to Huy Nguyen

August Puzzler Winner!


We here at Athlinks believe in a strong healthy mind as well as a strong healthy body. With that stated, each month we will have a monthly puzzler for you to solve. We will provide the answer the following month (2nd or 3rd of each month). All you need to do is send your answer to us via email by the 23rd of each month with the subject line “Puzzler” and then all correct answers will have a chance to win one of our cool Athlinks water bottles! Winners will be selected at random. Good luck.!


September Puzzler:
You are a banana salesman stranded in the desert with your camel. There is a town that is one thousand miles away. You have three thousand bananas and your camel can only carry a thousand bananas at a time. The camel is very stubborn and will only move 1 mile before you have to feed it one of the bananas to make it move another mile. What is the maximum amount of uneaten bananas that you can transport to the town?

Here’s the solution to last month’s puzzler
Believe it or not, the right move to make in the situation in the riddle is to always switch doors. If you switch doors you will have 2/3 chance to win the million dollars and if you do not switch doors you will have a 1/3 chance. Assume that you will always choose to switch doors. The only way for you to lose after switching doors is for you to have initially picked the door with the million dollars behind it. The probability of that happening is definitely and always 1/3, and because of that you will always have a 2/3 probability of winning if you choose to switch doors. Again, if your policy is to always switch doors, then you will always win if you initially picked a door with a goat behind it, and you will always lose if you initially picked the door with the million dollars behind it. 



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