If you want to track how you have been improving (or not improving, unfortunately) in the endurance events you have been racing in, then the days of you opening up your computer and inputting your race results into that spreadsheet you have had since 1999 are over – spreadsheets have been dead to us at Athlinks for some time now, in regards to race results.

The Largest Endurance Results Database in the World

What do I mean? I mean here at Athlinks – the largest endurance results database in the world, we organize every timed race you have ever run, biked, swam or done an obstacle through. As I write this post, Athlinks has over 180-million results from over a half-million races all over the globe. And not just races within the last couple of years. As long as we can find results on the web, or race directors send us the result files, then we can add these results to our extensive database.

It’s a very quick and easy process to become an Athlinks’ member and it is absolutely free.

“Claim” Your Results

Before you even sign up, you can enter you name into our search bar and we will show you some race results that may be yours. If they are yours then simply “claim” them with a click of a button; and then we will ask you to create an account so you have all your race results in one place.

Once you have an account you can also follow your friends’/family’s results, find people in your area who are your “rivals”, meaning they are Athlinks members and you have “raced against them” in some endurance event you both competed in on the same date.

Add Photos and “Cheer”

You can add photos to the races you have competed in and give a “cheer” to people you know who have raced in other events.

It’s a cool and fun site to check out, especially if you want to stop having to remember what you ran your 5K in 10 years ago. Or what your Ironman swim split was back in 2002?

So scrap the spreadsheets and enter the 21st Century with us – Athlinks: Every Step of Your Race.

Below is my Athlinks’ profile, if you want to see how one looks.
David Allison’s Athlinks Profile


  1. I would say Athlinks is almost there. I wrote a blog for my friends who were still trying to track their time manually ( https://runrollrestrepeat.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/athlinks-com-the-most-underrated-runners-social-media-and-why-you-need-it/ )

    I also wrote another blog on how to use google/sheets to keep track of race sign ups, because the ‘Calendar feature as good as it is, is very primitive, and doesnt help with lot of the race logistics ( such as races i am interested in, races i really signed up and paid for, races i want to sign up, but hasnt open for registration hence in my interest etc), or to get reminders.


    also, i still have to track my Relay times on my own, and they go unaccounted in the eye of athlinks.com. and athlinks doesnt even manually let me track these times. which is pretty annoying. Being a non-swimmer, I end up being a run leg relayperson.

    I would like to be in touch with your usability engineers, because I think I use athlinks almost everyday!!! also I want to be a contributing blogger at somepoint for athlinks!

  2. I find Athlinks to be very interesting, but have not yet joined because it shows only a fraction of my races (and not he fastest ones). I have a spreadsheet with all of them. Can I submit the spreadsheet, to have the results entered? For instance, my fastest Olympic Triathlon was 2:34:33 (the Detroit USTS), not 3:38:25. And there was the “Ultimate 7k” in Jackson, Michigan at 29:03…

  3. I just joined so I could see my results in one place. Unfortunately, the Madison, Wisconsin Half Marathon didn’t come up in the search. How can I add that in (Hey, the Nov. 2017 race was an age-group PR :-))?


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