Athlinks Brand & Style Guide


These brand guidelines were created just for you. We care a lot about the Athlinks brand assets, and we know you do too. By following these guidelines, you’ll help yourself by knowing that you’re always doing the right thing and you won’t have to negotiate a legal agreement each time you want to use them. You’ll also help us, because we’ll know that the integrity of our brand assets are being upheld by our partners. If you have a scenario that is not covered by these guidelines or have a question about using the brand assets in any other way, you can contact the Athlinks brand marketing team.


These Athlinks marks are the only officially approved logos. We have provided several versions intended to give an option to fit in any environment. Please select the appropriate version to contrast with the background. Download Here


Use these colors to guide your designs and layouts, both online and off, to ensure you’re staying consistent with the Athlinks brand.

This version of the logo is your go-to. Please use this version whenever possible.

Use this version of the logo only on dark colored backgrounds to provide high contrast and easy legibility.

When color logo application is not possible use this black version for added contrast.

This one-color reversed version will provide the best legibility on dark colored backgrounds for both the flame and wordmark.

The color identified above is the truest expression of the Athlinks brand. Using the correct hex color is a powerful way to leverage a key branding element.

The dark navy color above should be used as a substitute to black when applicable. The navy color provides a richer, more approachable alternative to a heavy black.


  • Use only the official Athlinks logo
  • Maintain proportions and colors as provided in official logos

  • Include minimum clear space around the logo, equal to the size of the flame icon
  • Place the logo only on solid color background


  • Alter or modify the logo in any way, such as by changing colors or elements of the design
  • Attempt to redraw or recreate any element of the logo; please use only the digital files provided
  • Use the flame icon without the wordmark
  • Infringe on the logo’s space with other logos, text or other graphic elements
  • Place the logo on photos, gradients or other distracting backgrounds

Brand Promise

A brand promise is a succinct statement to our customers defining what we we stand for and what they can expect from us. The Athlinks brand promise:

Simplify and enhance the relationship between athletes and events.

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is designed to answer the question “What is Athlinks?” quickly, such as during an elevator ride. You can translate these into comfortable language for you.

Athlinks is the first complete marketplace for anyone who touches endurance events.

For athletes, Athlinks is the destination to discover and register for events, connect with friends, and celebrate with post-event results and photos. All personalized and all in one place.

For events and timers, Athlinks is the all-in-one event management and marketing platform. Our products create a better event experience for athletes and drive more business for organizers.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice helps guide how our brand communicates via choice of words and attitude. It’s an expression of the people behind the brand and our core values.

Trusted. Built on data; delivered by real people.

Approachable. We make events more open and inviting.

Inclusive. Every athlete has a story; Athlinks is their community.

Empowering. We help individuals access and embrace a Healthy Way of Life.

Fun. We make things easier and deliver awesome experiences using technology. Remember to smile.