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Posts by the Athlinks Staff are authored by our in-house group of athletes and subject matter experts in the fields of performance sports, nutrition, race organization, and training.

May the Pace be With You!

How To Run Proper Pace without GPS...No, Really! You have the GPS, the wrist chronograph, the heart rate monitor, and still you manage to go...

Water Bottle or No Water Bottle? Should You Be Carrying One?

To carry a water bottle or not?  I get this question a lot and here are my thoughts on the matter. I think if you are...

Money vs. Time…With Your Endurance Training

Do You Have Time for a Coach? I have coached individuals who have hired me to put together a program for them and I have...

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Joe Desena (Spartan/DEKAFIT) and Troy Busot (Athlinks) discuss a new indoor timed race format featuring 5K of running and 10 functional exercises.

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By popular request, we’re extremely excited to announce a brand new feature of Athlinks called Rosters! Previously, Athlinks supported...

Return of Racing

Races are happening. Outside. Holy cow are we excited. In the US, we’ve seen in-person races return across the...

Summer of Virtual Racing

While in-person racing is still up in the air, it doesn’t mean you can’t be racking up Athlinks results, thanks to some...