“The red caps are coming! The red caps are coming!” On September 30, a cluster of cherry-red swim caps and Save the Children-branded triathlon suits surged into Biscayne Bay for the 2018 Escape to Miami Triathlon. United Cargo’s team of both first-time and seasoned triathletes from 16 countries has raced with Team Save the Children for the past three years.

The annual triathlon is a team-building tradition and something we look forward to every year” says United Cargo’s President Jan Krems.

In just two years, Team United Cargo tripled their donations to the cause. “Every year we try to raise one dollar more than the year before. This year we raised nearly $100,000 more than in 2017!”  “While it’s always fun to bring our team and families and friends together to become healthier, we never forget that helping kids through Save the Children is our primary goal,” states Jim Bellinder, VP of Americas Sales at United Cargo. “I think this purpose gives the whole effort – from fundraising through the finish line – a deeper meaning for all of us.”

When asked “Why Save the Children?” the answer was simple. “We believe in the mission of Save the Children,”

The race weekend culminated in a company-sponsored after party at a lively Cuban restaurant. Colorful signature drinks, vibrant salsa dancers and a good-humored award presentation playfully celebrating team members’ personal quirks and inside jokes capped off a memorable day of camaraderie and connection. When asked “Why Save the Children?” the answer was simple. “We believe in the mission of Save the Children,” says United Cargo Communications Manager Mike Kelly. “We especially appreciate that 86% of every dollar we raise goes to support their mission and program services. Our team’s attitude is summed up in the words of Save the Children’s founder Eglantyne Jebb, “Humanity owes the child the best it has to give.”

If you are interested in learning more about Team Save the Children, please visit www.savethechildren.org/teamsave or email team@savechildren.org



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