Is CBD the next big thing?

Many of us wake up the morning after a hard workout feeling sore or fatigued. Have you looked for ways to improve your quality of sleep, before a big event or after a hard workout? Has lack of sleep negatively affected your mood and increased anxiety? We’ve all had these experiences at some point in our athletic and professional lives, and the solutions can seem elusive.

As Athletes, we are constantly concerned about recovery. Recovery is an important part of our overall training plan and is essential for optimal performance and improvement. Higher training volume, more intensity, less fatigue and risk of injury: all of these are possible with a proper recovery regimen.

So what’s all this chatter about CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant.  And Hemp? Hemp is a type of the cannabis plant that is bred for its fiber and high CBD content, and unlike its cousin marijuana, it won’t get you high. The fact that CBD-rich hemp is non-psychoactive makes it an appealing option for athletes who are looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other conditions without the negative effects of feeling high.

Often CBD extracts are oil based and the body requires them to pass through the digestive tract before being absorbed. iKOR takes a more advanced approach:  its put through a secondary process where the it is micro-encapsulated into phospholipid cells. Being nearly identical to the body’s own cells, allows the cells to be absorbed the very moment they hit your mouth. This direct path to the blood stream means that the CBD in iKOR gets delivered more quickly and thoroughly, providing you better results.

So it won’t get me high, but isn’t it banned?

Nope, WADA has reviewed the most recent research and has changed their position.  As of January 2018, they have removed CBD from the banned substances list entirely.  CBD is now available for use by athletes of all levels, and high-level athletes are getting on board.


Tim Don and his road back to Kona

3 days from Kona, Don was hit by a truck and fitted with a Halo to stabilize his spine. credit : Andrew Hinton

Ironman World record holder Tim Don suffered a broken neck when he was hit by a truck just days before competing at the Ironman World Championships last October.  His best chance to get back to triathlon required him to be fitted with a halo. The accident was devastating, but he wouldn’t slow down as he began his new plan for this year’s championships.

As Tim turned his focus to recovery and rebuilding, he learned about iKOR Labs and started taking their Performance CBD. It’s been a tough road, but iKOR has helped his pain, improved his sleep and is helping with the stress and anxiety of fighting his way back to Kona. According to Tim, “When I take iKOR, it’s just like a whole other level of recovery. There isn’t anything I’ve used before that I can compare it to.”

Learn more about Tim’s journey with the help of iKor and tune into KONA October 13th as Tim returns to World Championships:

iKOR has built a dedicated following at local and national racing events and gained loyal users among athletes of all levels. To experience iKOR for yourself and feel how your recovery improves, visit and use code ATHLINKS20 to receive 20% your first order.


  1. Great post!
    A lot of people think CBD is the same as THC. However they are not, CBD is made from Hemp which has a low THC percentage, hence it does not create an addiction and is safe to use.


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