Summer is here. The Sun warms up the tarmac and trails with verve these days. Let us beat the heat and embrace the longest and hottest days of the year! We take a look at some of our favorite nutrition products used by the staff here at Athlinks.

INFINIT Nutrition

INFINIT Nutrition is the only company that gives athletes the ability to customize an isotonic hydration formula to fit their personal needs and taste preferences, while eliminating the need for gels, bars, or salt pills. Athletes can personalize their Custom Blends with all-natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to enhance endurance, improve hydration, and boost recovery. Developed with the patented Osmo-FITTM system, INFINIT formulas are guaranteed to be easy to digest, even in the most grueling conditions, or your money back.

INFINIT also specializes in premium all-natural protein and recovery formulas designed to help endurance athletes refuel, rebuild, and rehydrate.

Custom Formula Pricing:

5 serving bag – $18.95

12 serving bag – $36.95

25 serving bag – $58.95

24 individual single serving packets – $87.95


Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs uses whole foods and real ingredients to fuel and hydrate your body. The company was founded by Dr. Allen Lim, sports physiologist and coach to many pro cyclists. After seeing what they needed to perform, he created custom recipes to optimize their results. With new products such as Almonds & Chocolate Anytime Energy Bars and Lemon Lime Sport Hydration Drink Mix, you can focus on your performance and not on your nutrition. Skratch will take care of that part. The company is dedicated to creating products that solve your nutrition and performance challenges by using real and natural ingredients such as fruit, nuts and chocolate. With the complete lineup, you can find the products that are right for your hydration, energy and recovery.

Check out all the options at and get $5 off your first order with code LIFETIME5.


Juice Performer

Juice Performer is 100% juice to help athletes perform their best.  Available in both Beet and Cherry varieties, our pure, natural juices come in convenient, portable cans, and are never made from concentrate or contain added sugar.

Beet Performer provides a pre-workout, endurance-enhancing boost.  Beet juice contains nitrates, which deliver oxygen to your muscles, boosting stamina and strength.  Scientific studies show Beet juice can boost endurance and lower blood pressure.

Cherry Performer supports recovery and sleep.  Cherry juice contains anthocyanins which reduce inflammation, fighting post-performance muscle pain and recovering muscle function more quickly.

Try Juice Performer today… use code ATHLINKS to save 25% on a future purchase!


Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your Coffee snack bars are the first product on the market to combine a “real food bar” with caffeine from Fair Trade coffee (equal to 1 small cup of coffee). This snack was made for athletes looking for a more natural source of energy. EYC Bars are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, Kosher, 70% organic and are available in 3 delicious flavors: Fudgy Mocha Latte, Salted Caramel Macchiato and Peanut Butter Mocha.


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Meet FUEL FOR FIRE: Fruit + Protein Smoothies – Created by a 6x Ironman and professional chef, Fuel For Fire blends 100% real fruit and 10+ grams of whey protein isolate. No added sugar and 100% gluten free. Use for pre/during/post-workout fueling or anytime as a delicious snack. Swim/bike/run training? Fuel For Fire’s ingredients are easy to digest and gets natural energy to your working muscles quickly. The ideal smart snack for elite athletes, kids and everyone in between. No refrigeration required.

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  1. I’d be interested in trying some samples of your products! Is there a way to get a sample of the above products?


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