Remember being a kid? Boundless energy bursting out of you going every which way with an abundant sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. Well now you’re a little older and maybe you have kids of your own and let’s be real, they need to burn a bit of that energy off. While there are a number of ways to direct that energy, might we suggest some endurance events? Nothing like a triathlon to get those kids in bed at a reasonable hour.

Now most cities have some sort of kids run that we totally recommend checking out, but we’ve put together a list of some runs we found particularly interesting for you and your kids to give a shot:

Eppie’s Kids Duathlon

Sacramento, CA

October 15, 2017

kidsWhen working up to a triathlon, it’s important to test one’s mettle on something just a little easier. What’s one race easier than a triathlon? A duathlon, of course. Eppie’s Kids Duathlon is a fantastic kid’s race in that it offers a variety of divisions for children to race in, affording them a fair but competitive experience. The oldest division, 11 to 13, has participants running 2 miles before taking on a 5.5 mile bike ride. The race takes kids through beautiful Discovery Park, right in the heart of Sacramento. Committed to promoting healthier lifestyles among children, all proceeds from this kid’s race will go towards Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The 15th Annual EQUI-KIDS 5K Cross Country Run

Virginia Beach, VA

2018 TBD

As the name suggests, this race has a few extra participants of the equine nature. Each year kids from the Virginia Beach area have the fantastic opportunity to run a 5K trail run with horses who live at the Equi-Kids Facility, not something often offered at your local 5K. In addition to the 5K run, there is a one mile run with dogs and a half-mile run with ponies. A great event for all ages and ability levels, these races support Equi-Kids’ work providing animal-based therapy to special needs children.

Jimmie Johnson Foundation Fit Fest

Fort Mills, SC

May 29th, 2017

Brand spanking new, this race brought to you by Nascar racer Jimmie Johnson’s foundation is sure to be a hit. Teaming up with Spartan Kids Race, this event will have all sorts of courses for everyone. The Spartan Kids Race (more below) is an exciting obstacle race for kids five to twelve, including a Spartan Special for children with disabilities. Other events include a 5K, 8K, and half-marathon trail running races; MTB Challenge, a four-hour endurance mountain bike event with individual and duo competitions. All funds raised go towards the Jimmie Johnson Foundation works to benefit childhood education all over the country.

Trinona Kids Tri

Winona, MN

June 10, 2017

Calling itself the “perfect introduction to the world of triathlon for any child,” this relatively small triathlon takes places entirely on St. Mary’s University’s campus. Competitors will swim in the school’s pool, bike around its campus, and finish by running on their track. Self-contained and accessible to kids ages 5 to 13, this is a great start to any young endurance athlete’s journey. While definitely not the longest or most arduous event, the atmosphere is fun and the after party is great for all ages.

Wild Hearts Fun Run Superhero 5K

Lexington, KY

June 17, 2017

Looking for a race that’s not only fun but goes towards a fantastic cause? The Wild Hearts Fun Run Superhero 5K is an opportunity to dress up as your favorite hero, run a great race, and have all proceeds go to benefit Kerrigton’s Heart Inc. This organization supports those affected by congenital heart defects. If distance isn’t your child’s forte, the race also features a 100-yard sprint competition. After the race, be sure to have your kids visit “Kids Metropolis” where there will be a tons of other kid superheroes to play with.

Life Time Tri Chicago SuperSprint/Kids Tri

Chicago, IL

August 26, 2017

As far as kids races go, this is the big leagues. Every year, this event draws in over a thousand young triathletes ages 7 to 14. Participants start the race with a shallow water swim in Lake Michigan at Charles Foster beach before biking and running on safe, closed roadways along the lakefront. Winning comes with a ton of bragging rights, but even if you’re not quite the winner, no need to fret. All participants who finish receive awards and are able to enter into numerous giveaways after the race.

Kids Obstacle Challenge

Issaquah, WA

August 19, 2017

The tagline for this race series is “Brave Your Adventure” and for good reason. This kid-friendly, epic of a race for kids 5 to 16 has 10 to 15 obstacles spread out over the two-mile course. Racers can expect to swing on ropes, clamor up rope ladders, jump through a ball pit, and spend A LOT of time in the mud. This series has races all over the country, all summer long. Bring a towel or five because it’s going to be a fun, dirty adventure.

Spartan Kids Race

Multiple Cities


Already mentioned once above, this series is exactly what it sounds like, a kids race version of the incredibly popular Spartan Race has kids running through miniaturized versions of the full course. Now a Spartan Race is no breeze for an adult, let alone someone as young as four. That’s why Spartan has developed a free-to-download training regiment for your mini-Spartan. A great event for the whole family, this race will leave your kid feeling like a champion, ready to take on any other race from there on out.

Is your child an endurance athlete in the making? How did you get them involved and what was their first race? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. My daughter, now ten years old, has been doing Spartan Kids Races since she has been five years old. She loves the fact that they are mini-versions of what I am doing out on the adult length courses. They make her feel successful and proud, and I love that she sees that girls can be strong and fit too. Plus we get to work out together when preparing for the races which makes for great mommy-daughter time. She can’t wait to run her first adult race with me when she turns 13!


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