This post isn’t about what songs pump you up on your training run or ride. Nor is it some top-100 list of the best songs to workout to. No, this is more personal…more telling…more raw and honest.

This my fellow endurance brethren and sistren is what song or songs, right now, describe where you are in your training. If this were last year, when I was killing it on the roads, maybe it would have been something cliché like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” or Eminem’s “8-mile”. But this is not last year, regrettably. This is 2015 and for the past 6 weeks my training and priorities have all changed immensely, due to my flying back-and-forth from Phoenix to Chicago to be with my mom, who’s been in the hospital (but getting better every day!).

I’ve been running sporadically at best over these last 6 weeks; yesterday on a short run out here in Chicago by the lake front two songs popped right inside my head as my shoes continued their legato cadence upon the cold grey pavement beneath: Stuck in the Middle with You and Road to Nowhere.

It’s funny how your mind and body tell you everything you need to know, even when you’re not listening for it. For a split-second I wondered why and how these songs were now playing on a loop inside my skull, but then it hit me – this is how I feel about my training and running right now!

Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You (1972)
With this song, while I don’t feel stuck between two people, I do feel stuck in the middle of my fitness. I’m not entirely out of shape right now, but am nowhere near the shape I was in at this time last year. Although I’m not injured physically, mentally because of my recent personal circumstances, I’m not 100% focused on training right now.

Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere (1985)
This song just captures where I am with my training – nowhere. I’m not sure what this metaphorical road has in store for me in the weeks and months ahead in regard to my mother’s health. Even though she is improving everyday, her life may be changed forever and thus my life will be changed as well. I feel like I’m simply going through the motions with my running – and maybe that’s all I can give it right now. I’m fine with all of this, but this current frame of mind of indifference with my running  is one I have never experienced before, and it feels quite odd, to be candid.

I want you to share with me and our endurance audience what song describes where you are with our training right now…don’t be shy – it will be cathartic, promise.

Happy Training!


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