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lentil soup

Autumn is arriving here in Chicago. The weather is tuning and my body is starting to crave more cooked foods that are filling and soulful. For me comfort foods are always in a bowl. Actually my family and friends will tell you I love all my meals in a bowl. This month I want to share with you a really simple and super flavorful lentil soup that you can convert into a second meal with any left overs you may (see next months post)


2 peeled and sliced carrots as chunky as you like
3 stalks of celery cut in half inch pieces
2 diced yellow onions
2 diced tomatoes
4 cloves smashed garlic
3 tbsp coconut oil


3 tbsp curry
2 tbsp cumin and coriander
2 tsp high quality sea salt (feel free to omit)
1/4 tsp of cayenne (I use 90HU, that means hot)

3 cups of organic whole lentils

Purified Water to cover contents of pot, about 10 cups (don’t worry some liquid will simmer away)

To begin add the coconut oil to heavy bottom soup pot or Dutch oven on medium heat. After two-minutes add all the vegetables and begin to sauté. Take care not to burn and adjust your heat lower if necessary, stir frequently.   Allow the vegetables to begin to caramelize and the tomatoes to break down almost disappearing. This should take about 10 minutes. Next add all the seasoning and an addition of 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Stir constantly to ensure no burning takes places and the contents are well coated in the pot. Once fully coated add your lentils and continue to stir until everything is nicely mixed. Add all the water at once and turn up the heat and bring to a rapid boil. Keep the boil for 15 minutes and reduce heat to just above a simmer for an additional 10 minutes.

Technically, your beautiful lentils are done. However, I like to pull out a small amount and decide if I want to adjust my seasoning.

At my restaurant, B’Gabs Goodies in Chicago we serve our soup over finely shredded kale to make sure we are getting in as much greens as possible. Simply add a handful of shredded greens to the bottom of your bowl and ladle your soup over it.  The heat from the soup will wilt the greens and provide a beautiful texture. Garnish the top of your soup with a few slices of avocado and viola! Lunch or dinner is served.

Make sure to save any left overs if you have them, cause next month we make amazing lentil burgers.

To our health,
Chef owner at B’Gabs Goodies

* Did you know lentils provide 18 grams of protein per cup? Fuel  for the body!

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