Justifications for taking a Racecation:

1. Your spouse/partner is not too keen on you jumping into all of these races every weekend.

Maybe your significant other is supportive in your racing endeavors, but is not an endurance athlete and at times is not sure entirely why you love being on the roads for hours at a time. Well, a great way to get some buy-in from him/her is to plan a race somewhere that is great for both of you. If your spouse likes to golf, then maybe find a race near some great golfing. You guys enjoy the nightlife? Find a race in a hip city where you guys can party after the event is over. Maybe you want to crank up the romantic flame a bit? Find some picturesque venue where there is a race nearby and get your “swerve on” after you’ve crossed the finish line, please.

2. You need a bit of extra motivation for your next race.

Sometimes we are just in a training rut and are not sure what our next race or distance should be. If this is the case, than find some kick-ass location that you’ve always wanted to go to that has a race nearby. Now those months training beforehand won’t be so arduous. Put a picture up on your fridge of those sun-drenched beaches, majestic mountains or glitzy city skylines that will give you maybe a bit more motivation than usual for this next race you are currently training for.

3. You just want to get out of the sweltering heat or freezing weather you’ve been training in for months.

Today, there are races all over the globe nearly anytime of year. If you live in the sweltering summer heat, like I do, out here in Phoenix, Arizona, then you long for a race in a more temperate climate. If you live in Minnesota in the dead of winter, then you want to get out to some sunshine and warmth to get out of your frozen funk. Believe me, there are tons of destination races to get to and by choosing one will make that summer or winter training a whole lot more bearable.

4. You’re using the race really as a ploy to go on a vacation.

Maybe it’s the end of your racing season, but you made a promise to compete in  x-number of triathlons, half marathons or Spartans this year. And maybe you want to keep your word, but are not entirely focused on trying to yet again hit a new PR for yourself. Or maybe one of your girlfriends wants you to pace her through her first half marathon, century ride or 50K of her life, and you are the “fast friend” who she is counting on to get her through this. In these cases, where you know you will not need to work as hard or have to be in “race mode”, then find a race destination where you can really celebrate these achievements after you finish the race.

5. You want to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put into your training.

Why not reward yourself for all the months you’ve put into training for this race?! All those miles you’ve run or rode, all those hours in the gym or all those laps you have swum deserve not only a finisher’s medal  but spa treatment, a great meal and/or an electric night on the town after!

There are I’m sure other reasons why you would take a racecation and I’d love to hear about them. Also, why don’t you share some of your favorite racecation destinations with the rest of us – spread the love and the fun!

Happy Racing!


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